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The Russell Tribunal on Kashmir: The Public Diplomacy Behind Internationalising Abuses and State Terror

Held on the 17th-18th of December 2021 in Sarajevo, the Russell Tribunal evidenced the effectiveness of the Kashmiri diasporas’...

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Lieutenant General Nigar Jphar: A “Gender Counterstereotypical role model” for Pakistani women.

In a historic moment for Pakistan, Lieutenant General Nigar Johar became the first female colonel commandant of the Army...

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Pakistan’s Military Multilateralism: NATO, the UN and Afghanistan

Military multilateralism is the alliance of the militaries of three or more countries to pursue common goals. Perhaps the...

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The Soft Power of the UK’s Pakistani Diaspora

The Pakistani diaspora has contributed greatly to the social, economic, and cultural life of the United Kingdom (UK), which...

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