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US, Iran

International relations are not as simple as it may seem, they require an in-depth understanding and the art of...

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Naya Pakistan, USA

The love-hate tale of relations between US and Pakistan has remained one of the highlights of South Asian politics....

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Immigration Policy, Trump, Executive Order, USA

The approach to deal with the immigration issue in the US by the Trump administration has created hue and...

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Helsinki Summit, USA, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump

The recent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart President Donald J. Trump implicates the importance...

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Trump, elections, Democrats, Republicans, US

Introduction President Trump has finished his first year in the White house. The most important election rhetoric was his...

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Presidential Elections, Venezuela, US, EU, Russia, Turkey, IMF

The Venezuelan nation participated in the national presidential elections held on May 20, 2018. From the very beginning, these...

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China, Arctic, US, Malacca, Nordic, UN

Introduction China recently issued a white paper announcing its Arctic Policy which emphasized the significance of the Arctic region....

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