Monthly Global Forecast |May 2020

Defence and Security

NATO Innovation Challenge 2020 to Close Registrations for Participants on 5 May

Registrations for NATO Innovation Challenge – Spring 2020 will close on 5 May. The upcoming event, organised by the NATO Innovation Hub and the Dutch Ministry of Defence will focus on the on-going COVID-19 crisis. The challenge will incorporate ideas that can lead policy-making for supporting decision-making of military leaders, delivering supplies and logistics to isolated individuals, and identifying false information and mitigation of its effects on NATO operations. The result will be announced on 17 June.

AU-UNAMID to Maintain its Current Troop and Police Ceilings Till 31 May

African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur will be maintaining the already-existing level of troop and police deployment till 31 May, United Nations Security Council decided unanimously on 30 March. All team sites for mandate implementation will be maintained by the mission during the specified time period. The mission is expected to draw down after 31 May, coupled with the adaption of a new resolution for the establishment of a follow-on presence.

Australian Ministry of Defence Opens Enrolments for NEW ADF Cyber Gap Programme, Applications for Pilot Test to Close on 8 May

Applications for enrolment for Australian Defence Force Cyber Gap Programme will close on 8 May 2020. The main programme will roll-out nation-wide later this year, after the pilot testing scheduled to take place this July. The programme runs in partnership with the Digital Transformation Agency and seeks to provide funding and work experience for students studying a cyber qualification. In the longer run, this programme will expectedly support around 400 participants in initiating their careers in the national cyber workforce.

Politics and Governance

USA to Continue Presidential Primaries Scheduled in May Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Kansas democratic primary has been scheduled to take place from May 7 to May 9 and Oregon primaries is set to take place on 19 May, both via mail-in service. Voting in Nebraska presidential primaries, scheduled for 12 May will be conducted largely through mail-in service. Hawaii primary will expectedly be held in May 2020 via mail-in service, the exact date remains undecided yet.

USA-Canada Border Restrictions Expected To End on 21 May, Further Extension Expected

As a second extension in the mutual travel restriction, Canada and USA have extended the halt in cross-border travelling for non-essential causes till 21 May. Shared non-essential travel restrictions between USA and Canada were announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 18 April to limit the spread of coronavirus infectious disease.

Fearing Irreparable Economic Losses, UK to Let Loose the Lockdown by May End

Growing increasingly fearful of the economic costs being incurred upon the United Kingdom, the administration is seeking to loosen the restrictions of the state-wide lockdown in May. Expectedly, the manufacturing and construction industry along with non-essential shops, where physical distancing is easier to maintain might reopen.

Social Issues

In India, the Hike in COVID-19 Positive Cases Expected to Reach Peak in May

Number of COVID-19 positive cases across India are projected to reach its peak during early or mid-May, a study by Protiviti and Times Network suggests. The study incorporates three different models i.e. the Percentage Model, Times Series Model and Susceptible Exposed Infected Recovered Model. The research suggests that the disease might prevail in India till August.

India to Develop Around 1 Million COVID-19 Testing Kits in May, Efforts to Develop Vaccine Persist

The Indian government has announced its plan to indigenously develop a million RT- PCR (Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) kits for the detection of COVID-19 cases in May. The kits are suggested to be the most accurate and efficient diagnostic kits. Around six Indian companies are also working to develop a vaccine for a cure of the infectious disease.

Energy and Environment

6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity for Water Sector

The International Institute for Hydraulic and Environment Engineering commonly known as, IHE Delft is organising symposium “From Capacity Development to Implementation Science” on May 27-29. It will be 6th international symposium on knowledge and capacity development for the water sector, in cooperation with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Rand Water and other partners. The symposium focuses on strategic importance of knowledge and institutional capacity for policy, operational practice and education. Amongst the growing issues in water management for sustainable world, such initiatives are urgently needed.

Trade and Economics

OPEC+ Countries to Cut Oil Output From May 1

The OPEC+ countries will set the cut down in their oil production beginning from 1 May. The oil production will fall by 9.7 million barrels per day, following the decline in the global demand of oil by a third following the COVID-19 outbreak. Consensus was reached upon on April 12 after four rounds of emergency OPEC+ online meetings aimed at cutting down global oil produce of 10 million barrels per day, making up a 10% overall slash. The cut-down is being deemed as the largest cut down in history.

Chinese Digital Yuan to Go Live by May in Four Different Cities Across the Country

China’s Digital Currency Electronic Payment is set to introduce the Central Bank Digital Currency/Digital Yuan in Chinese markets across four different cities in May 2020, reports suggest. This will be an initial test for an electronic provision of salaries and transportation allowances to the state employees. The Digital Yuan will be issued by China Construction Bank, Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and the Agricultural Bank of China – the four major banks of China.

Implementation of Revised Crypto Laws to Begin in Japan by May 2020 

The Japanese state will begin the implementation of new laws for the regulation of crypto currencies. The laws include revised reversion of Payment Services Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, two bills passed by Japanese House of Representatives in early 2019 to be implemented in April 2020. One-month delay in the implementation of the Crypto legislations was caused by the global COVID-19 outbreak.  The introduction of Crypto-currency under strict state-led regulatory measures is expected to bring positive outcomes for the Japanese market stakeholders.

World Trade Month to be celebrated in the USA

May is World Trade Month in the United States. The theme for this year’s World Trade Month website is “Growing exports in uncertain times,” a reflection of the challenges facing companies during a period of trade wars, a re-examination of free trade agreements, and questions about future economic growth. World Trade Week has been celebrated during the entire month of May by a number of federal agencies, state trade offices, area chambers of commerce, World Trade Centers, trade associations, and other public and private organisations. These events celebrate the importance of international trade to the US economy and educate people how to begin and grow their exports.


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