Monthly Global Forecast | October 2023

Politics and Governance

Swiss Federal Elections will be held on 22 October 2023

The Swiss Federal Election is scheduled for 22 October 2023. These pivotal elections will determine whether the “green wave” that gained momentum in 2019 can be sustained. If the Green Party replicates its previous success, it could challenge the conventional representation in the Federal Council, potentially displacing another party. To safeguard their positions, the centre-right liberal party may align with the nationalist-populist Swiss People’s Party, potentially leading to a redistribution of power on the political left. The unresolved matters between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) may see limited progress due to this political dynamic.

Global Future Council’s Annual Meeting scheduled for 16 to 18 October 2023

The Global Future Council’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for 16 to 18 October 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event serves as the inaugural in-person gathering for council members during their two-year tenure from 2023 to 2024. The primary objective is to unite experts in addressing the world’s immediate crises, emphasising the need to move beyond quick fixes towards sustainable solutions. This gathering will facilitate the exploration of interconnections among various global agendas, fostering open dialogue to consider diverse perspectives and generate valuable insights aimed at enhancing the quality of decision-making processes on a global scale.

The 8th AsiaPacific Urban Forum (APUF8) is scheduled for 23 to 25 October 2023

The 8th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-8) is scheduled for 23 to 25 October 2023 in Suwon, Republic of Korea.  This inclusive platform will unite governments, organisations, the private sector, academia, civil society, and stakeholders for constructive dialogues.  The objective of the 8th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-8) is to serve as a premier multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable urban development in the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to address the pressing challenges faced by cities, foster innovative approaches, and advocate for sustainable urban development within the framework of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through sharing real-world experiences, the forum seeks to empower urban thought leaders, government officials, and various stakeholder groups in building resilience and driving transformation, especially in the context of ongoing and post-pandemic scenarios.

Defence and Security

Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2023 to be held from 6 to 15 October 2023

The Exercise Cambrian Patrol is set for 6 to 15 October 2023 in Brecon, Wales. This event aims to elevate the operational capability of the British Army through a challenging patrol exercise. Participants, encompassing regular, reserve forces, and international units, will undergo a rigorous assessment covering a spectrum of military skills. From close combat to ethical behaviour, the exercise emphasises robustness, leadership, and tactical proficiency. Awards, ranging from Gold to Certificate, await patrols based on their performance. This exercise remains pivotal in assessing and enhancing military readiness for contemporary operational demands.

The 69th Annual Session will be held from 6 to 9 October 2023

The 69th NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Annual Session is scheduled for 6 to 9 October 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted by the Folketing. This event will bring together 274 parliament members representing 31 NATO member states, as well as approximately 100 members from about 25 partner countries and parliamentary bodies. The objective of the session is to address crucial topics concerning Euro-Atlantic defence and security and evaluate the outcomes and critical decisions made during July’s NATO Summit in Vilnius. Throughout the session, members will engage in discussions and adopt draft reports and resolutions to distil key policy recommendations across the Assembly’s five Committees.

Trade and Economics


World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings scheduled for 9 to 15 October 2023

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) annual meetings are scheduled for 9 to 15 October in Marrakech, Morocco. The theme for the annual meetings will be “Global Action, Global Impact”.  The primary objective of these meetings is to convene central bankers, finance and development ministers, private sector leaders, civil society representatives, academics, and media to address pressing global concerns. This includes discussions on fortifying economic resilience in the face of a fragile global economy, implementing transformative reforms for inclusive growth, and reinvigorating international cooperation to counteract the risks of policy-driven economic fragmentation. The meetings will serve as a platform for collaborative efforts towards a more sustainable and resilient global economy.

California Economic Summit scheduled for 11 to 13 October 2023

The California Economic Summit is scheduled for 11 to 13 October 2023 in Indian Wells. This gathering will bring together leaders from diverse sectors across the state, with a focus on exploring the unique attributes of the Coachella and Imperial Valleys. The summit’s distinctive bipartisan network, comprising business, equity, environmental, and civic organisations, aims to champion solutions that harmonise equity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth. The primary objective is to forge a collective economic agenda, known as the roadmap, to shared prosperity and strengthen the summit network for collaborative action in the coming year.

G7 Trade Ministers’ Meeting scheduled for 28 and 29 October 2023

The G7 Trade Ministers’ Meeting is scheduled for 28 and 29 October 2023 in Osaka-Sakai (Japan). It provides a platform for in-depth discussions on trade policies in the context of a rapidly evolving global economic landscape. In 2021, the inaugural Trade Ministers’ Meeting took place during the UK’s chairmanship, followed by additional meetings under British and German leadership. Prior sessions covered vital topics like World Trade Organisation (WTO) reform, equitable competition, supply chain robustness, and economic coercion, emphasising the importance of upholding fair and open trade systems. The forthcoming meeting, hosted by Japan in Sakai, Osaka, from October 28-29, 2023, will involve G7 members, invited countries, and international organisations working towards sustainable global economic growth.

Social Issues

International Day of Older Persons scheduled for 1 October 2023

The 33rd United Nations, International Day of Older Persons, slated for October 1, 2023, at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Chamber, United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York, centres on “Fulfilling the Promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Older Persons: Across Generations.” Marking the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the event emphasises safeguarding the rights and addressing violations for older individuals worldwide. It underscores the importance of intergenerational solutions guided by principles like participation, accountability, and empowerment. The key objectives include heightening global awareness of human rights, promoting intergenerational models, and urging governments and UN entities to adopt a life course approach to human rights.

 Internet Governance Forum scheduled for 8 to 12 October 2023 

The 18th annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF), scheduled for 8 to 12 October 2023, will be hosted in Kyoto, Japan. The overarching theme for this forum is “The Internet We Want – Empowering All People.” The event aims to address critical issues within the realm of Internet governance, focusing on sub-themes such as AI and Emerging Technologies, Cybersecurity, Data Governance, Digital Inclusion, Human Rights, and Sustainability. Its objective is to foster discussions and collaborations that shape the future of the Internet, ensuring it remains open, inclusive, secure, and beneficial to all while embracing emerging technologies and safeguarding human rights in the digital age.

International Day for Eradication of Poverty will be held on 17 October 2023

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty will be held on 17 October 2023. It centres on the theme “Dignity for All in Practice.” It emphasises the fundamental right to human dignity and its pivotal role in upholding all other rights. Despite global commitments to end poverty, nearly 1.3 billion individuals, including a significant number of children and youth, endure multidimensional poverty. Escalating inequalities in opportunities and income, coupled with corporate and billionaire wealth surges, deepen these disparities. Poverty and inequality stem from deliberate choices or inaction, perpetuating disempowerment and rights violations. This day, commemorating 35 years of efforts underscores the collective responsibility to combat poverty and discrimination worldwide.

Energy and Environment

Russia Energy Week scheduled for 11 to 13 October 2023

The VI International Forum “Russian Energy Week”, set for 11 to 13 October 2023, will convene at Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow. This forum stands as a pivotal global event, addressing contemporary trends in the advancement of the modern fuel and energy sector. The objective is to showcase the potential of the Russian fuel and energy complex while fostering international collaboration in the energy domain. The forum will serve as a platform for deliberating key challenges and current advancements across various sectors, including gas, oil, coal, petrochemicals, electric power, nuclear and hydropower, renewable energy sources, as well as energy efficiency enhancements.

Global Summit for 1.5 ºC Climate Goal will be scheduled on 2 October 2023

A Global Climate and Energy Summit for limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is scheduled for 2 October 2023 in Madrid. This pivotal event, to be held during Spain’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, aims to unite global energy and climate ministers to accelerate progress towards the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degrees Celsius warming limit. Preceded by industry, finance, and civil society gatherings on 29 September, the summit underscores the urgency of peaking emissions by 2025 and achieving net zero by 2050. It emphasises collaborative efforts to create ecosystems conducive to decarbonisation and calls for enhanced leadership from the energy sector. The goal is to send a resounding message of commitment to a sustainable future and set a firm stance for the Global Stocktake process at COP28 in November.


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