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Take a NAP: Surrogate or Share?

The Charsadda Incident marked an uncanny resurgence of terrorism in Pakistan indicating that situation is not dynamically transforming as it should. Even with the Operation Zarb-e-Az’b continues with full momentum…

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Shia Militias Standing upto IS

While a significant part of the global media’s consideration concentrates on the dangers posed by the Islamic State (IS) the more confused and more pertinent issue for Iraq is resurgence…

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The Raheel Doctrine: State’s Preponderance

A state has a few basic attributes, which define its contours. In the realm of international politics, states are veritable actors in the scheme of things, grappling with challenges of…

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Bacha Khan University Attack: Time for a Regional Action Plan

The year of 2016 has started with an ominous note for the nation of Pakistan. While the previous year was filled with euphoria of the end of terrorism marked by…

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Economic Uplift of the City of Lights

The Karachi operation has entered in its third year. The on-going operation has played an instrumental role in bringing normalcy to the lives of the Karachiites. The normalcy has resulted…

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Ramping-up tensions and China’s Wei qi in the South China Sea

The doyen of American strategic and diplomatic fraternity, Henry Kissinger wrote a compelling and insightful book “On China”. A must-read for students and practitioners of history and statecraft, the book…

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Afghan President’s Visit to India – A Reappraisal

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recently visited India for the first time since assuming office in September 2014. Both Ghani and Modi emphasized on combating terrorism, stressed connectivity and shared views…

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