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Sindh, PTI, Election 2018 Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Sindh Will Vex PTI

The bitterly-contested 11th general elections of Pakistan resulted in the triumph of cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan, who is globally recognized as a World Cup winning captain for Pakistani cricket team and…

Naya Pakistan, USA Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Aligning the Future of Naya Pakistan with the United States

The love-hate tale of relations between US and Pakistan has remained one of the highlights of South Asian politics. Both countries share an enriched history of instances when their interest…

USA, World Order Americas Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Pax-Americana vs. Pax-Sinica and the Struggle for New World Order

The world is witnessing a global power shift as unipolarity is being replaced with varying degrees of multipolarity. Global power and economic landscapes are under transition. There was a time…

Immigration Policy, Trump, Executive Order, USA Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Trump’s Immigration Policy: From Zero Tolerance to Executive Order

The approach to deal with the immigration issue in the US by the Trump administration has created hue and cry at the domestic and international front, amid escalating tensions with…

Political, Pakistan, Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Pakistan’s Political Paradox

The transition of power in Pakistan has always been an enthralling power play not only for the internal political actors electioneering in a politically-charged environment, hurling accusations at each other;…

Helsinki Summit, USA, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Helsinki Summit as a Model of Complex Interdependence

The recent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart President Donald J. Trump implicates the importance of complex interdependence in the 21st century. The place of the…

Parliament, Pakistan, PTI, PMLN, PPP, Politics Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Is Insecurity Leading Towards a Hung Parliament?

The National Assembly, defying all its doubters, just completed its five-year term last month. Notwithstanding the turbulence that frequently jolted the political process, the system has survived. Transition from one…

Public Policy, Pakistan, Scandinavian, IMF, World Bank Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Power of a Good Policy: Why Public Policies Keep Failing in Pakistan

Sweden is not only one of the most economically prosperous countries in the world, but also one of the most socially equitable and environmentally sustainable ones. Finland has the most…

PML-N, Pakistan, Avenfield Reference, Elections Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Has the show just begun for PML-N?

Obdurate sentencing of Nawaz Sharif and his ostensible political successor Maryam Nawaz has opened a new Pandora’s box for PML-N, which is already embroiled in answering tough questions pertaining to…

Jordan, Syria, GCC, Israel, IMF, Arab Spring, Muslim, Middle East Articles Middle East & North Africa Politics & Governance

Jordan’s Looming Socioeconomic Crisis

Jordan is a country that has successfully survived the Arab Uprisings. Despite the widespread protests due to inflation, unemployment and government’s corruption during 2011, the Hashemite monarchy managed to suppress…

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