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Pakistan's Drive Against Islamophobia Articles Asia

Pakistan’s Drive Against Islamophobia

Today, one can observe widespread hatred and uninformed fear of the Islamic faith and its adherents. There are everyday incidences of hate crimes against Muslims. Though the state of affairs…

Digital Divide in Pakistan Threats and Future Outlook Perspectives

Digital Divide in Pakistan: Threats and Future Outlook

Key Points: The term “digital divide” was first coined by Larry Irving in the 1990s. It initially, focused on the access or non-access question, but with mobile phones’ penetration in…

Racism in the Time of COVID-19 Articles

Racism in the Time of COVID-19

Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, fear surrounding the deadly pandemic is further fuelling the panic and giving credence to a number of assumptions primarily based on rumors pertaining to…

The Hindutva Aspect of COVID-19 Outbreak in India Asia Perspectives

The Hindutva Aspect of COVID-19 Outbreak in India

Key Points India’s COVID-19 response outlook is largely characterised by securitisation of the prevailing health crisis, turning it into an Indian Muslims-led conspiracy against the Indian Hindus. The novel coronavirus…

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