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Pakistan’s Geoeconomic Footprint in the ECO Region

As Karl Marx opined, economics shapes human history – past, present, and future. It influences all aspects of life, especially politics. Globalisation has reinforced it, with countries competing to form…

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan's Approach to Undocumented Immigrants Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan’s Approach to Undocumented Immigrants

On October 3 2023, Pakistan, a warm host to one of the biggest refugee communities, declared its decision to deport all illegal migrants from its territory. The end of October…

Defense & Security Perspectives

TTP’s Tactics and Pakistan’s Policy Options

Key Points: The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is one of the largest and most organised militant groups operating inside and across the borders of Pakistan. Pakistan has pursued a two-pronged strategy…

Exploring the Avenues of Pak-China Tourism Articles Asia

Exploring the Avenues of Pak-China Tourism

In recent years, Pakistan and China, have strengthened their friendship to a level where amplified people-to-people contact has become inevitable. The relationship has been further catalysed by the tourism sector,…

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