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Whither Strategic Autonomy? India Signs BECA

India has finally signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) with the US after years of discussion and US insistence. The BECA agreement is the last of the four…

Assessing the Implications of India’s Hypersonic Technology Test for Pakistan Articles Asia Defense & Security

Assessing the Implications of India’s Hypersonic Technology Test for Pakistan

After an unsuccessful test of Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) by the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in June last year, India for the first time has claimed to…

Clash of the Titans: The Indo-Pacific Conflict China Articles Asia Defense & Security

Clash of the Titans: The Indo-Pacific Conflict

Geo-politics is a dangerous game. To readers and observers, it is an exhilarating show of big, titan countries facing off for hegemony. Yet, in a world where nuclear capability determines…

Israel-UAE Peace Deal: Is Turkey The Actual Target? Articles Defense & Security Middle East & North Africa

Israel-UAE Peace Deal: Is Turkey the Actual Target

In a recent op-ed for Daily Sabah, analyst Batu Coşkun argued that the Israel-UAE ‘peace deal’ is directed against Turkey, not Iran. Indeed, following the assassination of the Islamic Revolutionary…

The Post COVID-19 Operational Environment Articles Asia Defense & Security

The Post COVID-19 Operational Environment

From the military perspective, the Operational Environment (OE) refers to a combination of conditions, variables and circumstances that can impact a decision-making process and the ability to employ force capabilities….

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Israeli Legislative Election 2020 – A Viewpoint from Pakistan

Key Points:  In March 2020, members of the Israeli parliament will hold their unprecedented third election in a year. From the Pakistani perspective, Netanyahu can be single-handedly credited for catapulting…

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Pakistan’s Land-Centric Defence Calculus Needs Overhauling

Key Points:  Since its independence from British rule in 1947, Pakistan’s national security apparatus has viewed India as a nemesis and persistent existential threat. The years of counter-terrorism and counter…

Articles Asia Defense & Security

Dissecting American Branding of BLA as Global Terrorist Group

On July 2, the United States branded Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as a global terror outfit. The designation of BLA as a terror outfit by American authorities is a severe…

Christchurch, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, US Articles Asia

The Vicious Cycle of the Christchurchs and Colombos

As Bāghūz, the capital of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) caliphate, fell to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on March, 23, the world rejoiced under false pretense…

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Gwadar Hotel Attack: The Revival of Balochistan’s Ethno-nationalist Insurgency?

On May 11th 2019, terrorists stormed into Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel, Balochistan’s sole five-star hotel located in the strategic port city of Gwadar, at around 5:00 PM local time. Dressed…

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