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  • Pakistan’s New Rising Ethnonationalist Faultlines

    Pakistan’s New Rising Ethnonationalist Faultlines

    This research brief emphasizes on the ethnonationalist wave of terrorism in Pakistan and its dynamics. This brief seeks to address the contemporary context of ethnonationalism and the mounting concerns of the issue. It attempts to understand the ground reality of the proxy wars imposed on Pakistan by enemy forces in […]

  • Trump’s First Foreign Tour – Dynamism in the US Foreign Policy

    Trump’s First Foreign Tour – Dynamism in the US Foreign Policy

    It was 12th December, 2015 when Donald Trump tweeted about how the Saudi Prince’s public criticism of him was due to the fact that the Saudis would not be able to control the US political discourse using their oil money. A year and a half later on 20th May, 2017 […]

  • Unfolding Brexit

    Unfolding Brexit

    There is an old joke about economists and their predictions on certain issues, “It’s the only field where two people can win a Noble prize for saying exactly the opposite things”. Everyone who has been asked to deliver their two cents on the referendum has given their own take on […]

  • Rise of Kashmir Ikhwan 2.0

    Rise of Kashmir Ikhwan 2.0

    In a significant development in the recent history of insurgency in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK), Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa released a video on May 12 in which he warned the Hurriyat leadership to not term Kashmiri freedom struggle as a political movement. In the five minutes and 40 seconds video […]

  • The Postures of Washington

    The Postures of Washington

    Under normal circumstances, the prevalent news regarding NATO should have been the addition of Montenegro as its 29th member state. However, it was slighted; eclipsed by Mr. Trump’s U-turn regarding his views on the relevance of NATO in the 21st century. During his campaign trail, after his election, and notoriously […]


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