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PTI, Imran Khan, Victory Speech

When Imran khan made his victory speech on national television, he gave the country a ray of light, which...

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Parliament, Pakistan, PTI, PMLN, PPP, Politics

The National Assembly, defying all its doubters, just completed its five-year term last month. Notwithstanding the turbulence that frequently...

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PML-N, Pakistan, Avenfield Reference, Elections

Obdurate sentencing of Nawaz Sharif and his ostensible political successor Maryam Nawaz has opened a new Pandora’s box for...

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Political Parties, Pakistan, Election 2018

The inter-party democracy is an essential ingredient for strengthening national democracy. Any weakness in the former inevitably leads to...

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Venezuela, Crypto, Currency

Venezuela is undergoing some of its worst moments. This disaster is so huge, that what was at one point...

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Xi, China, CCP, US, Politics, Economy

In recent decades, it has been normal to consider the tenant of the White House, the President of the...

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Political Conservatism, Liberalism, Pakistan

Is Pakistan becoming more radicalized and intolerant with each passing day? This question is becoming more and more befuddling,...

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Budget, Pakistan, Budget, CPEC, Economy

Fiscal prudence, an ever pertinent concept in economics, becomes even more paramount when used for the government budgeting. However,...

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