Saudi-Iran Deal and its Potential for both States Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Saudi-Iran Deal and its Potential for both States

In 2016, the Saudi embassy in Iran was attacked, after which Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic relations with Tehran, with both countries evacuating their diplomatic staff from their respective embassies. Saudi-Iran…

Ukraine's Quest for Western Aircraft Articles Defense & Security Europe

Ukraine’s Quest for Western Aircraft

Recently Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s Minister of Defence, reiterated his government’s plea to its allies to provide them with modern western aircraft. The minister had also stated that they did not…

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A.R. Cornelius: The Pakistani, Christian Judge Who Supported Constitutional Islamisation

“Looking back, it almost seems inconceivable that the decision of a Christian judge to opt for ‘Muslim’ Pakistan in 1947 would have such far-reaching consequences, not just for the country…

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Pakistan’s Minimal International Participation in Building Cyber Resilience

In a rapidly changing world, developing, operating and governing new technologies through shared interests and values is indispensable for states to attain broader objectives. There was a 125% rise in…

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