Reorienting Pakistan’s Trajectory Towards a Balanced Foreign Policy in the Emerging Great Power Competition

Key Points:

  • Today’s great power competition has brought a surge of new challenges for Pakistan vis-à-vis navigating its relations with great powers and maintaining a proactive and balanced foreign policy.
  • In economic balancing, a dyadic understanding of the economic environment of China-Pakistan and US-Pakistan is incomplete, and there is a need to put these states into a triangular dynamic with each other by proposing co-investment in Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan must find a balance between China and the US by identifying areas of mutual interest.
  • In terms of internal balancing, besides economic stability and military advancement, Pakistan should also strengthen technological innovation and address political instability to follow a bold, independent, neutral foreign policy.

Ana Arooj

Ana Arooj studied International Relations from National Defence University, Pakistan. She is currently working as Research Assistant at CSCR.

Zainab Yasin

Zainab Yasin is a graduate of National Defence University, Islamabad. She serves as a Research Assistant at CSCR, and is passionate about analyzing diplomatic relations, world politics and cyberspace.

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