The Future of Digital Currency in Pakistan

Key Points:

  • Digital currency is defined as any currency that exists only in electronic form and never takes physical form at any point in time.
  • In the context of Pakistan, a risk-based approach is suitable, which involves conducting a thorough assessment of risks associated with adopting a digital currency.
  • Keeping in view the weak fiscal position of Pakistan, hyperinflation, and debt financing, SBP could establish a hybrid and decentralised framework in collaboration with private entities or banks for CBDCs.

Aamna Rafiq

Aamna Rafiq is working as a Research Associate in the Arms Control & Disarmament Centre (ACDC) at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), Pakistan.

Zainab Yasin

Zainab Yasin is a graduate of National Defence University, Islamabad. She serves as a Research Assistant at CSCR, and is passionate about analyzing diplomatic relations, world politics and cyberspace.

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