TTP’s Tactics and Pakistan’s Policy Options

Key Points:

  • The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is one of the largest and most organised militant groups operating inside and across the borders of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has pursued a two-pronged strategy to deal with the TTP, consisting of both hard measures and negotiations with the organisation’s leadership.
  • Unfortunately, the TTP has repeatedly used the cover of dialogue to rebuild its strength whenever it has been pushed into a corner through military measures.
  • The TTP is not only intricately linked to several cross-border terrorist outfits but has also recently revamped its organisational structure, making it deadlier.
  • Reports about the organisation’s possession of modern weapons left behind in Afghanistan are another alarming trend.
  • Pakistan must gain the cooperation of its neighbours like China and Iran, who suffer from the spillover of terrorism.
  • The country should clearly define the baseline beyond which no group’s activities will be tolerated nor any negotiations entertained.

Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is a graduate of Peace and Conflict Studies, NUST, Islamabad. Her research focuses include discourse analysis, defense and security, and international relations. She serves as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research.

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