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Afghanistan’s Ethnic Fault Lines Under Taliban Rule

In Afghanistan, among various ethnicities, four are the biggest in terms of population. Pashtuns make up 45% of the population, making them the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, primarily present…

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Reversal of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan

Gender inequality has profound impacts on the global economy. The World Bank estimates that disparities in earnings alone impose staggering costs of $160 trillion. Research has demonstrated that gender inequality…

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Enhancing Collaboration Between Pakistan and the UK

Pakistan is a crucial strategic and regional ally of the United Kingdom (UK), with their relationship grounded in shared history and legacy. This partnership is further strengthened through regular high-level…

Growing Instability in Pakistan Amidst Rising Terror Attacks Articles Asia Defense & Security

Growing Instability in Pakistan Amidst Rising Terror Attacks

The security landscape of Pakistan has been deeply influenced by a complex interplay of domestic and external factors, with terrorism emerging as a serious concern due to support from neighbouring…

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