Defense & Security Perspectives

Indo-US Foundational Agreements: Contributing to India’s Military Capabilities

Key Points: India and the United States (US) have signed several bilateral agreements based on their shared interests, which greatly enhance India’s military capabilities. For the US, countering China comes…

US Election 2020 and the Future of Eco-regulations: Biden Climate Change Policies Americas Articles Energy & Environment

US Election 2020 and the Future of Eco-regulations: Biden’s Climate Change Policies

This year for the election of the 46th president of the United States (US), the majority of the American nation not only voted against an anti-globalist, white supremacist, and irrational…

Pakistan's Drive Against Islamophobia Articles Asia

Pakistan’s Drive Against Islamophobia

Today, one can observe widespread hatred and uninformed fear of the Islamic faith and its adherents. There are everyday incidences of hate crimes against Muslims. Though the state of affairs…

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Articles Asia Oceania South East Asia Trade & Economics

RCEP: Asia’s New Trade Pact?

In the post-Cold War Era, regionalism in Asia has gained momentum, albeit gradually. A defining feature of Asia’s economic and political landscape is multilateralism. It can be argued that Asian…

Analysing Pak-Turk Joint Naval Exercises ‘Turgutreis’ (I-V) Articles Asia Defense & Security

Analysing Pak-Turk Joint Naval Exercises ‘Turgutreis’ (I-V)

Maritime defence relations between Pakistan and Turkey go as far back as 1967, when the computers of Pakistan’s US-origin submarine, the PNS Ghazi, were upgraded at the Gölcük Naval Shipyard….

Perspectives Politics & Governance

Pakistan’s Foreign Policy In Transition: Driving Factors And Emerging Trends

Key Points: Pakistan needs to proactively devise mechanisms to gear up with the transforming international political order. A foreign policy with an exemption of even one great power may lead…

Digital Divide in Pakistan Threats and Future Outlook Perspectives

Digital Divide in Pakistan: Threats and Future Outlook

Key Points: The term “digital divide” was first coined by Larry Irving in the 1990s. It initially, focused on the access or non-access question, but with mobile phones’ penetration in…

Indian Legalisation of Demographic Change in Kashmir Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Indian Legalisation of Demographic Change in Kashmir

There is a palpable fear that the demographics of the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) are set to change after a series of moves by the Indian government which have…

Pakistan’s Urban Heat Islands Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Pakistan’s Urban Heat Islands

The geography and climatic patterns of Pakistan encompass a great variation in seasons, mountain ranges, and plains. The climate of the country can be categorised as arid with overall hot…

Pakistan’s Cartographic Move: Rationale and Prospects Articles Asia Defense & Security

Pakistan’s Cartographic Move: Rationale and Prospects

Pakistan categorically rejected the outrageous abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A by India. Post-abrogation, the Indian map depicted the unlawfully occupied territories of Jammu and Kashmir as a part of…

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