Does the Ukraine War Mean Anything for Taiwan?

Key Points:

  • The growing literature drawing parallels between Taiwan and Ukraine compares the pre-war posturing of China with that of Russia before its attack on Ukraine.
  • Despite these comparisons and conclusions, there are clear differences between the two cases.
  • Russia’s pre-war posturing was explicit, while China’s show of naval and aerial capabilities has been much more contained in contrast.
  • The current international isolation and hostility facing Russia offer valuable insights for China to go down a similar path.
  • Differences between the two countries’ political thought, military might, and economic conditions also dictate the difference in their approaches.
  • China can be expected to exercise all caution in the matter.

Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is a graduate of Peace and Conflict Studies, NUST, Islamabad. Her research focuses include discourse analysis, defense and security, and international relations. She serves as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research.

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