Analysing Pakistan’s Exports to China

Key Points:

  • The 1960s witnessed the Sino-Pak commercial accords, while 1966 recorded the decade’s peak, 77 million dollars
    in sales.
  • Pak-China economic cooperation turned a new leaf in the 21st century. The two signed several agreements, including
    the Early Harvest Program 2005 (EHP), Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), and Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
  • Pakistan and China have maintained close cooperation in the economic sphere. However, this cooperation has not
    yielded mutually equal benefits in recognisable terms. The trade balance has not remained in Pakistan’s favour.
  • Despite an enabling environment in Beijing and Islamabad, Pakistani exports have remained skewed towards the
  • It is imperative to research and target commodity-specific markets from Priority 3 products, which remain a weak
    link in the Pakistani exports to China.
  • Pakistan needs to prioritise the services sector as part of its bilateral trade with China.

Dr. Tauseef Javed

Tauseef Javed works at the Center for Strategic and Contemporary Research (CSCR) as a Senior Research Associate. He has completed his Ph.D. from Fujian Normal University in Fuzhou, China. His research focuses on US economic aid policy toward Pakistan, international relations, history, and area studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. He can be reached at

Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is a graduate of Peace and Conflict Studies, NUST, Islamabad. Her research focuses include discourse analysis, defense and security, and international relations. She serves as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research.

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