AI Journalism and the Fate of Journalism in Pakistan Articles Asia

AI Journalism and Pakistani newsrooms

The print is dead. Cross-media ownership and centralisation is going to take over. The future is digital. And now, Artificial Intelligence (AI). The debate about the fate of journalism is…

Electronic Warfare Capabilities: China, India and Pakistan Articles Asia Defense & Security

Electronic Warfare Capabilities: China, India and Pakistan

Electronic warfare (EW) is gearing up in South Asia and the analysts are opining about the greater role of India in it, coupling it with cyber warfare (CW). The threat,…

Artificial Intelligence Evolution of Communication Articles Politics & Governance

Evolution of Communication and its Effect on Diplomacy

Diplomacy has remained one of the most critical aspects of international relations. Its importance can be understood from the lessons of history, and one of these lessons, is that diplomacy…

The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance Report: A Critical Appraisal for South Asia Articles Asia Defense & Security

The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance Report: A Critical Appraisal for South Asia

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have seen exponential growth and have been dubbed as the third offset strategy effecting the geopolitics of the 21st century. As far as the US…

SCS China, Cybersecurity, Artificia Articles Asia

Decoding the Complexities of Chinese Social Credit Systems Infrastructure

By next year, China aims to have the capability to track the social behaviour of its 1.4 billion population under a complex infrastructure of social credit systems (SCS) through modern…

Artificial Intelligence, Warfare Papers

Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Nature of Warfare

Software is eating the world and Artificial Intelligence is eating software, but weaponry is breathing Artificial Intelligence. Weaponry and warfare are inextricably connected. Important features of weaponry have remained dependent…

Artificial Int, Spill Over, Economic Growth Americas Articles Trade & Economics

Artificial Intelligence and the Spill Over of Economic Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the economic dimensions of both developed and developing countries in particular, and underdeveloped nations in general. Historically, technological advancement modernised various aspects of the economy…


Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: From Perceptron to Big Data

In the last 70 years the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) saw many stages with both optimism and despair at the same time. The initial foot prints can be found…

Science, Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence Americas Articles

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence: A Story of Juxtaposition

Intelligence has numerous definitions. To some, it is the measuring of intelligent quotient, and to others it is the time bound completion of tasks. Some link it with creativity, while…

Artificial Intelligence, Governing, USA, China Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Governing the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The fear that the creations of people will one day become their masters, or the ones to pass and deliver their execution, is not something new. Nonetheless, these concerns have…

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