The PTI government’s directionless Kashmir policy pakistan Articles Asia Politics & Governance

The PTI government’s directionless Kashmir policy

Policymaking in Pakistan does not always follow strictly linear paths. Fairness demands a deeper analysis of PTI’s performance to determine whether it is tailored toward applying pressure on India for…

Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia Link: Fast Changing Political Face of South America Maduro Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia Link: Fast Changing Political Face of South America

A few weeks back Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro snubbed Chilean President Pinera when he compared the latter with Augusto Jose Ramon Pinochet, the brutal general turned dictator who ruled Chile…

Yemen US Iran Saudi Arab UN Articles Defense & Security Middle East & North Africa

Yemen Crisis: The New Derivative of Middle East’s Security

The Arabian Peninsula is going through a chaotic transition since the American invasion of Iraq. During the last two decades, the strategic culture of the Middle East witnessed twofold transition….

United Kingdom, European Union EU Articles Europe Trade & Economics

EU at the Brink with Brexit

Britain’s determination of leaving the EU, even when facing penalties and knowing that it will have more trade restrictions in an already depressing European economy – raises some vital question…

South Asia, Aghanistan,Afghan United States Articles Asia Politics & Governance

American Failure in Afghanistan and the Future of the Afghan Peace Process

Afghanistan has long been marred by foreign invasions and civil wars, but never have we seen adoption of such an interesting blend of periodically transitioning roles, by the invaders. Almost…

China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, United States Articles Middle East & North Africa Politics & Governance

How China is Winning the Middle East

The saying ‘subduing the enemy without fighting’ appears profoundly convincing when it comes to China’s policy towards the Middle East. The oscillation of China’s diplomatic pendulum among Saudi Arabia, UAE,…

United Nations, South Asia, India, US Articles Asia Politics & Governance

What Imran Khan Can Envision at the UNGA for a Globalist Perspective

Prime Minister Imran Khan will represent Pakistan at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 27, 2019. It will be his first ever and dubbed the most important speech as…

Asia Politics & Governance

Geopolitics of Hong Kong Protests

‘Fight for Hong Kong’, ‘Stand with Hong Kong’, ‘Liberate Hong Kong’, these are the slogans of the Hong Kongese protesting for over four months now. The row started with the…

United Kingdom,United States Articles Europe Politics & Governance

The National Character of Global Politics

Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last recourse pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready…

US, Israel, Articles Defense & Security Middle East & North Africa

US-Israel Strategic Partnership in Middle East Under Trump

Strategic relations between the United States (US) and Israel have been predicted from the initial days of discussions regarding creation of a Jewish state in the Middle East. The partnership…

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