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India, Pakistan, Kashmir, South Asia

The history of the world is stocked with examples of great powers who once believed in some mythical manifest...

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Venezuela, US, UN

In an early February issue, the Economist posited a tempting observation. A colossal portrait of Juan Guaido, partially recognized...

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American, Taliban, US, Afghanistan

Peace is always an alluring prospect regardless of time or place. From it, mushrooms growth and prosperity whereas whenever...

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Political, Pakistan,

The transition of power in Pakistan has always been an enthralling power play not only for the internal political...

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Lebanese, Political, MiddleEast, Lebanon, KSA, Iran, Islam

Since 2011, the regions of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been embroiled in events which took a...

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KSA, China, US, Vision2030, Iran

On November 4, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an unprecedented move by arresting a dozen of princes, current...

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US, Trump, South Asia, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Terrorism, Taliban

Introduction On August 21st, 2017, President Donald Trump unveiled the new American policy for Afghanistan and South Asia after...

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Authoritarianism, Curse, Pakistan,China, India, Arab Spring

In the world order which was emerging after World-War II, the British Empire was struggling to maintain its colonies...

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Fertilization, Radicalism, Pakistan, Education, NAP, Radicalism, HEC

In the modern nation-state system, the state and the public are two distinct entities amalgamated to form a united...

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Muhammad bin Salman, KSA, US, Islam, Iran, Vision2030

On 21st of June, 2017, King Salman of Saudi Arabia sent shockwaves within the perennial Kingdom and across the...

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