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FIFA World Cup, Russia

Even before the whistle had blown on 15th of July to crown France as the world champions at the...

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Trade War. US, China, IMF, BRI, TPP, Asia, Economy, Trade

Intentions are one thing but results are entirely another thing. That is precisely what usually happens with protectionist policies:...

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Peace, Korea, Trump, Nuclear, China, US

It would be quite a buzzkill if one were to cast doubts on any clandestine intentions of Kim Jong-Un...

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Water, Scarcity, Pakistan, PRCRWR, Policy

A large plethora of the local media find it hard to forego their infatuation with political rallies, CPEC, Trump’s...

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Nuclear Safety, Pakistan, IAEA, NPT, NSG, Security

Ever since the fateful nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and the resulting destruction, the nations of...

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Pakistan, Export, GDP

One of the perennial features of the economy of Pakistan has been the duet of the trade and fiscal...

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ISIS, terrorism, corruption, energy shortages, inflation… And yet, from the cracks seeps through the burning issue of our time....

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White Supremacy, US, Charlottesville, DHS

By the time dusk fell on the 12th of August, Alex Fields had assumed the face of one of...

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Venezuela, Latin America, USA, Socialism

Venezuela is on the cusp of an economic collapse as President Nicolas Maduro seems to be adamant on destroying...

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Nuclear Security, India, Pakistan, NPT, CTBT, TNWs, MTCR, NSG

In the aftermath of World War II, as the United States began its pursuit for global hegemony, the issue...

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