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North Korea, Iran, JCPOA, US, POTUS

The substance, tone and style of Donald Trump’s discourse about Iran on Friday was an indication of how much...

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Politics, Kabul, Afghanistan, National Unity Government, NATO, US, Pakistan

The possibilities for Afghanistan’s future are grim. From the American viewpoint, the situation appears to be considerably bleaker. It...

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Alliances, Donald Trump, USA, EU, Russia, China

The flagship publication of the US Council on Foreign Relations, the Foreign Affairs magazine, ran the words “Present at...

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Steve Bannon, Trump, US, Russia, Alt Right

More than a century ago, the Czar Nicholas II of the Russian empire had the proverbial “world” at his...

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Moscow, Washington, US, Russia, Cold War, KGB, DNC0

Vladimir Putin, the incumbent President of the Russian Federation has seen the western media develop a sort of addiction...

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Chinese, Economy, China, OBOR, Yuan, Dollar

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates once claimed, “A bad year in China is going to be a...

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G20, US, Russia, NATO, Germany,

The Guardian ran the headline “G19”. Numerous reputable and well established papers across the world, international and domestic, swiftly...

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Trump, G20, USA, EU, Brexit, Germany, UK, China, Russia

“Whoever believes the problems of this world can be solved by isolationism and protectionism is making a tremendous error...

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Britain, UK, Labour, Conservatives, EU, Brexit

“Au Long Aller, Peti Fardeau Pèse” The above axiom is French which when translated into English implies, “On a...

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Trumps, Foreign Policy, US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Middle East,

It was 12th December, 2015 when Donald Trump tweeted about how the Saudi Prince’s public criticism of him was...

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