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Dented Legacy of India’s Minority Rights

India professes its distinct cultural plurality in terms of “unity in diversity” while being home to multiple ethnic and religious groups. It has time and again used the precursor of…

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Supporting the Kashmir Intifada

The on going Kashmiri intifada movement sparked by the sacrifice of a young freedom fighter, Burhan Wani, is entering its second year; facing the wrath of the world’s third largest…

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Untangling the Qatar Labyrinth

The recent news of Saudi-led bloc’s diplomatic isolation of Qatar came as a surprise to many, including the United States. However, such a move has been in an offing for…

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Assessing Britain’s Election Climate

“Au Long Aller, Peti Fardeau Pèse” The above axiom is French which when translated into English implies, “On a long journey, even the small burden weighs”. At some stage people…

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