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Quetta Commission Report and Counter Terrorism Measures

The recent Quetta Inquiry Commission Report raised some valid questions related to the management of security apparatus and counter-terrorism within the measures. The report, however, was quickly politicized with the…

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Altering Demographics of Indian-Held Kashmir

For almost seven decades, the issue of Jammu and Kashmir continues to remain the main dispute between two nuclear-armed neighbours India and Pakistan. The Jammu and Kashmir issue, is one…

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Gender Equality and Economic Prosperity in Pakistan

Gender refers to the socially constructed characteristics of women and men such as, norms and roles. These norms and roles vary from society to society. Gender equality is a phenomenon…

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The Sick Man of Europe

John Russell in 1853 coined the term ‘Sick man of Europe’ for the fragile Ottoman Empire. Successive Ottoman emperors failed to devise a political, economic and social system compatible with…

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Human Rights in the Wake of Climate Change

The phenomenon of human rights, its protection and its violation is one of the most vulnerable subjects prone to get affected by a number of factors. Be it a state…

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Comparative Analysis of Gwadar and Chabahar: The Two Rival Ports

About 80 percent of the world trade is carried out by sea-borne routes. This indicates the importance of warm water sea ports. The South Asian region has great significance since…

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Sin or Security: Media and National Defense

A heavy proportion of a state’s survival in the world lies in the spine of a vigilantly orchestrated national security. Few components of this security paradigm comprise of nonnegotiable ribs…

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Necessitating the Right to Information in Pakistan

Despite it being a fundamental right as prescribed by the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, a majority of this country’s population is absolutely unaware of its right to information (RTI) just…

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Reshuffling Transatlantic Alliances: Rapprochement or Estrangement?

The US elections 2016 have generated a host of significant concerns and misgivings. At the heart lies the biggest one of all: Will Donald Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office…

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Post-Cold War Foreign Policy Spectrum of the United States

History has not ended yet, despite the strong notion that was heralded to this effect by the American political pundits in the aftermath of Cold War. Pragmatism that was suffused…

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