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A Different War and Enemy

Identification of friends and foes is important in war planning. Preparing to thwart the designs of the enemy involves studying your own capabilities and that those of him. But then…

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International Bodies’ Conflict Resolution; A Failed Matrix in the Age of Proxy Wars

It is understandable that conflicts in the world have existed since the earliest of human interaction, but so has the process of resolving those conflicts. Humans form tribes that grow…

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Quetta: Caught in the Crosshairs of Militancy

Quetta rocked by the mass attack on the Lawyer community has been targeted by various groups over the years. The most recent attack is the latest in a series carried…

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Beyond Torkham: Terraforming Regional Stability in South Asia

The Cold War has ended, the War on Terror is also lingering on without any certain objective and American policymakers have had enough of the Bush and Obama legacy of…

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