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Surgical Strikes: A Political Examination

As the global news media resounded with earth shattering statements of the Indian Director General Military Operations, stating that India had taken the much feared step to discard its doctrine…

LoC, India, Pakistan, Surgical Strike, Line of Control, Military Articles Asia Defense & Security Publications Region Themes

India’s Surgical Strike: A Threat to Defence or a Debacle?

The Military Operations Directorate of any army is responsible for devising and planning operations and campaigns in line with the directives given by the Army Chief. It is headed by…

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Aftermath of Uri Attack and the Way Forward

On Sunday morning at around 4 am, four armed guerilla fighters attacked Indian Army’s 12th Brigade headquarters at Uri in Baramulla district. According to the Indian army spokesperson, 17 soldiers were…

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IS (Daesh) in Bangladesh and India

The organization known as DAESH or IS has become the foremost violent non-state actor promoting acts of terror around the world. While currently under pressure in its stronghold of Iraq…

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Possible Outcomes of Uri Attack

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has continuously failed in the field of policy making. Hence, they always blame their incompetence,…

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Militant Hindutva and Pakistan

On Friday, Swami Aseemanand a main accused in the Samjhauta Express bombings was granted bail despite the fact that he had confessed to the terror attack.The Indian National Investigation Agency…

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Profile of Sunni Tehreek

The Sunni Tehreek (ST) is a Sunni religio-organization of Pakistan. The party follows the Barelvi school of thought. The organization was formed in 1990 to prevent what the ST describes…

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Islamophobia in Europe

Islamophobia is one of the most contentious concepts today. Literally translated as the ‘fear of Islam’, many argue that no such phenomenon exists. Yet far from being an intellectual debate,…

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The Syrian Quagmire: China’s Next Frontier?

The mid of August 2016 saw an interesting revelation come to light as news outlets began reporting that China was stepping into the Syrian theatre in support of the Assad…

War, Mardan, Peshawar, TTP, Militancy, Articles Asia Defense & Security Publications Region Themes

A Different War and Enemy

Identification of friends and foes is important in war planning. Preparing to thwart the designs of the enemy involves studying your own capabilities and that those of him. But then…

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