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The 2016 Elections in the Star-Spangled Banner

Why bother with America’s Elections of 2016? The 2016 US Presidential elections are perhaps the signposts of a new era, the façade of a decision point in US history and…

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Nuclear Disarmament and Peace: A Tenuous Equation

Throughout the course of history, war and conflict have been a recurring theme. It may not be wrong to say that power is a force of history and that wars…

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The Syrian Crisis: Sectarianism – A Foreign Agenda?

Undoubtedly, Syria has suffered from acute sectarianism, grappling with tumultuous religious polarization, particularly from the year 2011-12 onwards. Still in flux, the Syrian civil war has rippled across the regional…

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F-16s for the Upstairs Wife

 Islamabad’s long-stymied and contentious quest of more than 30 years for the American F-16 Fighting Falcon, offers interesting insights into more profound Pak-American relations. More importantly, Pakistan’s continual pursuit of…

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