Pakistan and Afghanistan, although being neighboring countries, have had an uneasy relationship of mistrust and disaccord. Chances of improved relations took birth in September 2014 when Ashraf Ghani assumed the office of Afghanistan President. President Ashraf Ghani showed his strong commitment to friendly relations between two countries. Prior to becoming the President, he was of the view that the level of co-operation between Pakistan and Afghanistan should be similar to France-Germany relations after the Second World War.[1]

In order to normalize ties with Afghanistan, Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain attended the oath taking ceremony of Mr. Ashraf Ghani. This was the first step for normalization of relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

During Ghani’s visit  to Pakistan in November 2014, President Ghani guaranteed close ties and strong bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.[2] Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain assured that close cooperative relations with Afghanistan, based on mutual respect and trust, remain a high priority in Pakistan’s foreign policy. Ghani also expressed his government’s interest in “bolstering security and defense ties with Pakistan, including cooperation in training and border management”.

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Faiza Maqsood

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